Triathalon @ Rays – Rolling Trials, High Jump Competition & Coker Slalom Racing

I was recently contacted by Jeff Prosa (njmuni) who offered to hold a High Jump competition at Rays on Saturday night, which I think is a great idea!

I had also been considering adding a new event in order to take advantage of the new slalom course that was built at Rays… and hold a Coker slalom race!

Thus, I would like to announce two additional competitions that will be held concurrently with the Rolling Trials competition (we’ll probably start the events sooner in order to have more time, even if it’s on a non-exclusive basis for the first few hours)

High Jump Contest
There will be a high bar that the rider will have to hop over. Each competitor gets 3 tries at a particular height and if they clean it, they get scored for that height. If the rider faults on all 3 tries at a particular height, their last successful height is chosen as their final score.

Coker Slalom Race
This is a race against the course and the clock. Fastest time with no UPDs wins!

There will be plenty of time to clean the sections in the Rolling Trials competition, so while you are competing at Rolling Trials you can grab your Coker (or mine or one of your buddies) and take a break from Rolling Trials and have a go at the slalom course.

For more information on Rolling Trials, refer to the following thread:
2nd Annual Rolling Trials Competition – Rays MTB, Cleveland: April 8, 2006

Please respond to this thread if you plan to attend and indicate which events you plan to compete in.

So far the Rolling Trials competitors are:

hell-on-wheel (defending his 24”/26” title)
Brian MacKenzie
three of Brian’s friends (???)

Add your name to the list!!!

Just one month till the event… Should be one heck of a great time for all who attend :D!

See you there!

Here’s a couple of pictures of the slalom course to whet your appetite!



Looks like a Matchbox track for big people… looks fun! Have a good time!

that slalom course loooks like a hoot

(not a dual slalom though?)

Just 4 1/2 weeks to go! Better start training!

The competition is only 1 month away!

Based on all the fun everyone had last year, postings by people who were sorry they missed last year’s competition, and a posting in a previous thread about a dozen or more local riders… I thought we’d have at least 30 riders and it looks like we have fewer than 10… probably not even enough to run 2 classes (so the 36" class would have to be dropped).

I just got word from Coker that they are sending me the $100 gift certificate prizes. It would suck to have to return one (or both of them). And it would be so cool to pay $100 less and be one of the first to be riding their new machine!!!

Rays is awesome and the competition is tons of fun.

Doesn’t anyone else want to come out and have a great time at a great place (and also have an opportunity to meet some of your friends from the forum)???

(You could be the one to go home with the Gift Certificate!!!)

I recently heard from Cowan Moore that he and about five other riders from the Cleveland area are planning to attend, bringing the roster up to 15 riders:

hell-on-wheel (defending his 24”/26” title)
Brian MacKenzie
three of Brian’s friends
Cowan Moore
five other local riders (Cowan’s friends)
Andrew (though I am not eligible for the prize since I’m the organizer)

  • Rolling Trials (24"/26" class) and the High Jump competition are both confirmed and are definitely being held.

  • Rolling Trials (36" class) and the Slalom Race will be held if there are enough competitors to warrant holding these events.

This is a great opportunity to meet some of your friends from the forum and have an amazing time at an absolutely incredible venue!!!

If you haven’t been to Rays yet, you will be absolutely blown away by the place!

  • Renowned film maker, Brian MacKenzie, will be previewing scenes from his highly anticipated next movie.

  • You can be in Brian’s Next Movie!!! (because he’ll also be shooting scenes at Rays for his next film)

  • An exciting, new unicycling product will also be revealed to the public at this event

Plus, don’t forget… the (1st Place) winners of the Rolling Trials competition receive a gift certificate for a $100 discount on the new, improved Coker (which will be shipped to you as soon as it becomes available). It could be you!!!

I look forward to seeing everyone in Cleveland…

(check back for more updates)

(Also, what about the other guys from last year’s event… any of you planning to attend this year’s event?)


I thought it would be cool if this year’s competitors could display numbers.

I’ve never been to a uni competition (other than last year’s RT event) so I’m not sure what is typical… but I think I remember seeing a uni with a number plate stuck in the spokes somehow! That seems pretty cool… and probably a better alternative to wearing a number on your chest, which would probably be prone to getting ripped up and destroyed from UPD’s.

If number plates for the wheel is too much of a hassle, does anyone know where I can get those disposable (plastic) vests with numbers on them that runners wear in marathons? (I’ll just be sure to get duplicates for each number)

That might have been my uni you saw with the number plate in the spokes. I still haven’t removed mine from the 24 Hours of Lifestyles last May.

Hunter - Are you still coming up with me? It’s gonna be hard for me to afford this trip without spliting the gas. Anyone else along my path need a ride?

When is this again? I might be up for splitting gas with you frank if I can get away that weekend.

Rays MTB, Cleveland: April 8, 2006

Has anyone made room arrangements yet?

Also which day and time are you guys planning on arriving in Cleveland? I would be interested in hitting up Ray’s on Friday as well as Saturday. Can anyone else make it for Friday as well?

Hey Andrew, would you been interested in car pooling?

i may very well be able to make it for friday

i haven’t made room arrangements, but whatever the place we stayed at last time had the mackenzie bar and grill. and served the mackenzie burger

it’s good

… but they were out of Brian cheese.

I can’t make it this year (and I still haven’t given you your birthday present from last year…)

Have fun. Don’t smash your face on anything this time.

I’m still coming and will be bringing two beginners. By the way whats the cost going to be.

I definitely plan on riding on Friday. I hope to be able to leave for Cleveland on Thursday (Jeff - I’d be into carpooling if our schedules coincide).

I’ll be staying at the Holiday Inn like last year. You can check out the special discount packages for the Holiday Inn/Rays here:

The price and hours should be the same as last year… we should be able to start one hour earlier (non-exclusive) and then we’ll have the whole place to ourselves the rest of the night.

I think the price is $15/person, but I’ll double check. I’m currently in Torrance, CA taking a class at the Robinson Helicopter factory, so I have limited free time and access to a computer to post, but I will make sure to post the official hours and pricing by tomorrow night.

If you haven’t posted yet to this thread, but intend to come… please reply to this thread to let me know that you’re coming and which events you plan to compete in (24"/26" Rolling Trials, 36" Rolling Trials, High Jump, Coker Slalom Race). Thanx.

See ya in Cleveland!

Hi Andrew, I can’t find your phone# anywhere, please email me at onewheel_AT_rogers_DOT_com and give me your current number and best time to call you (incl Time Zone)

I should be able to get off work and sneak in a ride,

Thanks so much for the heads up jeff.

I have an open invite as always to anyone who wants to ride in pittsburgh if its on your way to or from rays.


i can no longer make it to ray’s.

on friday. i can’t get there till friday night check in

by the way, I hope you haven’t made up and tshirts or trophies with the word triathalon on them :slight_smile: