Trialssss [Trials]

I was riding some Trials today. Nothing too special…It isn’t really a video, just some clips with some music thrown in there…

I hope you like it:)

Vimeo is loading…


I forgot to mention, please comment :slight_smile:



Cool, you are getting really good. So do you basically just ride trials now or do you do street to?

wow…that was really nice…you getting so good!

Thanks guys.

I am riding both, but I want to kinda stick more into Trials…

I think I will upload the same one, to see if the “high quality” thingy will pop up, that thingy doesn’t work all the time…


okay, Vimeo is up :slight_smile:


how tall are you, you seem to have grown since your trials practice video, you cause me such jealousy :angry:

Really good ups from static, and also still stands!:slight_smile:

Hmmm, well…Just practice :slight_smile: I probably have grown…i’m 5’ 1"…

Thanks Terry, that static sandwich board hop at 1:51 was a 61cm sidehop/24"…


Nice improvement! Keep it up.

Yeah that was a nice jump! I saw you did it SIF, and really crouched down almost hitting the tire in the way that can’t be done SI. Could you do the same thing SI? Anyway I need to learn sif next so I can get higher jumps! :smiley:

i liked it!
you are definitely getting better.

Getting better and better there isaac, nice vid.

I enjoyed it. I did not enjoy watching the still stands and crankflips because I can’t get those yet. Let’s see some more.

I would not be able to hop that SI, I could roll hop it SI but not sidehop SI, my max is like 45cm SI sidehopping…Thanks though Terry:)

And thanks everyone else, I love hearing comments, thanks so much :slight_smile:


Wow Issac. You are improving so much. Sidehoping a 4 set?! Thats insanity man. Loved seeing you in new locations. Great riding.

Callout this summer?

Thanks Max.

Yeah the 4 set…it was like 3 1/2, i’m not at 4 yet…Yeah I do ride at different locations but I am usually too lazy to bring my camera :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again,


I could probably not get that SIF but I can probably get it SI, I’ll do a little filming tomorrow seeing as how my ankle is feeling better. Not going to be the bet riding since I’ve still got to be careful on it but at least I get to ride now.

I’m going to try for a 4 set tomorrow, maybe then for at least a little while I’ll have a one up on you haha

Watching your vid’s helps me a bunch. I guess we use the same stance for jumping which is awesome (I think Left foot forward right hand?) Great vid!