TrialSpot - Website to share spots worldwide

I’ve made a wiki style site, that I hope some riders will appreciate and find useful. The site is mostly aimed at trials/street, but it could later be extended to muni too.

I’ve always found it annoying to have to look for good spots in a city, it would be so much easier to find them on the net and then go ride. Well basically thats the idea. The site is full of googlemap maps of different cities where you can go ride.

The best thing about it is that you get to put your spots down for your country/city and then everyone can enjoy riding them!

Currently I only have a few lines in a few english cities. But thats why you need to come and add lines yourself.

have fun and keep riding,

If this proves a success I will open the site to bike riders too, (well its open to everyone but i’ll advertise it on some boards) so we can have even more spots to ride.

Please read the Help before editing content!

sounds like a good idea I’ll try and put some of my spots on

muni spot to go riding would be greatt

My current problem with muni spots is that they usually aren’t in cities. Therefore they would need their own “City” like entry.

If you would you could create them on the country map and make the Spot icon an M. Or if they are close to the city add them on the map with an M again.

I dont know how to put anything makers on the map…

Help please

Have you read the help? There is a full pictorial howto showing you how to do it.

If you are still unsure then I will try to improve the help, however I think most people after reading it carefully will understand how to add things.

no i did not read that thanks for the help.

That’s really cool, I’ll had some of the god trials spots I know:)

I suppose it doesn’t have to be anything special? I have just submitted a couple of some normal lines in my town.

Come on, people! Bring a camera with you when you’re riding, and just shoot some quick pictures of the spots you are riding.