Ok ive been riding for about 2-3 weeks and i now can hop up stairs and all over and i love it so i decided to get a trials and i was gonna get this you have to scroll down opn the left thing to find it it sunder koxx one
the white widow i was gonna do some freestyle on this too but is there anything bad about it or something i need to know also im trying to fgure out if the seatpost is long enough for me im 5"5 i think

it isn’t great for freestyle but it is good for trials
the seat post should be long enough.
UDC sell some that are long enough if the one it comes with isn’t long enough

k thanks

you might want to get the orange bud or DH pro street uni instead. They have better cranks for flatland, freestyle stuff, but they are still long enough to do awesome trials on.

I think trialsin might have them, but I’m not sure.