I know this is the same old topic but I have a new twist. I want to buy a trials cycle and I don’t know which is better the 2005 KH or the Onza. the problem is the KH is out of stock at
Is there sumwhere I can buy the KH if indeed its better than the Onza?

I would say that the KH is a “better” uni. Go to Bedford Unicycles(clicky clicky) or call him. You have much less of a chance of receiving 2 torker CX’es when you order from Darren Bedford intstead of UDC.

Thanks but on the bedford site the KH costs $560 instead of UDC’s $463.

No no no, thats in Canadian prices, which are much more than the US dollar. Tons of people have made that mistake including me:D. Shoot Darren Bedford an e-mail and find out how much it is.


Thank! I just thought of another question. Is the Bedford uni outfitted the same as the UDC one? And if any one wants to recomend the Onza just speak up! Is the uni at Bedford the 2005?

Go with the KH from Bedford for sure. It IS the 2005 model, and it comes with all the same components that UDC includes. Also, if you’re lucky, Darren might toss in a couple freebies:D. I actually just recieved my kh20 from Darren last week and i am more than satisfied with both the unicycle and Darren’s service.

Do you people know how much shipping from Bedford is to somewhere near Washington D.C. and how long it will take?

Try e-mailing Darren and asking him. We don’t run the store. Also, try using the search button next time. These threads pop up all the time.