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>Rammstein, once you start playing the didgeridoo you should definitly
>post some didgeridoo-unicycle pics. Didgeridoos rock. What do you call
>someone who plays a didgeridoo?

That’s Jeff Groves’ shtick! He busks with his digeridoo, and I think he plays
it on his giraffe…


What’s a didgeridoo?

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>What’s a didgeridoo?

A musical instrument of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia, consisting of a
long hollow branch or stick that makes a deep drone when blown into.

Many people probably recognized didgeridoos in the opening song of survivor
Australia (i am not a survivor fan)


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nikkifrog <> wrote in message news:<>…
> What’s a didgeridoo?

Dylan already defined it briefly: a musical instrument, originally
from the Aboriginals from the Northern Territory in Australia.
Nowadays traditionally made from hollowed out Eucalyptus (hollowed out
by termites). Lots of didge sites are e.g. on

Playing didge including what’s called circular breathing (sometimes
called “cycle breathing” :slight_smile: ) is great to get a good breathing (in
through your nose, using your diaphragm).


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> nikkifrog - Almost Level 2. :slight_smile:
> Nikki

broken means “no longer works properly” by my definition,
hub and cranks are generaly the things that break when you earn your trials unicycle
so you can ride your new uni but only if you come to durham,
its all hapening on saturday and sunday, theres a sports hall to sleep in overnight. and theres bound to be some urban trials objects lying around in the area.

train ticktets can be realy cheap if you book in advance.

Good, I just bent my crank, so now my pedal wont go straight. Does that count? Well, either way, in my books its totaled. So that meens I need a new uni. yay


part of the working properly definition for a crank includes “not changing shape” so yes you have broken it and yes you can get your ticket stapmed to alow you to buy a trials unicycle.

if however its your trials unicycle thats broken then you can now start saving for that profile hub. or optionaly a whole onza trials unicycle (for like a third of the price of a profile hub), or you could start waiting for the norcos to be available to those not endowed with extreemly good luck.

if however you have broken your profile hub then i’m not qualified to advise you on what qualification you have gained

Happy Birthday, Phil. My wife turned 50 yesterday. I took her to New Orleans for her pre-birthday celebration. You should have come along, you could have met Lewis and Rhysling.

Buy the giraffe. You have room for it. You deserve it. But you’re still great without it.