Trials world champion

After a big tie breaker between Joe Hodges and Maxime Cabot, Maxime Cabot is the new trials world champion.

Can’t believe Joe lost. Must be all that natural that Maxime rides.

wow i’ve never heard of that guy. anybody have any vids of him?

He was 3rd european in trial, 1st speed trial et 3rd in stairway at flucks

here’s a video :

He also won Koxx Days. Him and Joe tied again, but Maxime was faster.

Man, thats surpricing.
I thought Joe was going to win, he had all the skills needed, but apparently Maxim has great advantages with his natural skills.
Congrats to Maxim for first place and Joe for second place.
Who was third?

On the French forum, they said fabian

Is this maxims channel by any chance ?

well all ill say is he must have improved a lot since that video was released to beat joe!

not really, he did a lot of extremely techy stuff, and it looked like he was having very little trouble in the video… the parts of it that i watched, i was bored by it because he didn’t seem to be pushing himself at all really.