Trials Video Clips?

Can anyone please tell me where I can find some good trials video clips to download? I’d also like some muni clips but only if they’ve got gaps and drops and that sort of thing. Also, any freestyle sort of clips that are good (interesting tricks).


go though every entry in the Gallery.its pretty deep but their in there.

Thanks, that was a pretty fast reply! I just started that thread about 5 minutes before you answered.

Jeff Lutkus made numerous videos available, all of which are quite instructive:

Have fun,

yea sure,you will want these too.some are big but i did it with a 56k.they are worth the wait.

Those videos are great. I’ve only got one so far but it’s really helpful. It’s the one where Kris is demonstrating hopping with the seat out in front.

Are there any others that you can think of?

of couse there are.your not looking very hard:)

Thanks. Why look harder when you’re telling me where to find them anyway?:slight_smile:


I noticed you were at Did you check out the video link?

Here’s some of mine. They are trials, but I am on my muni.


Yeh I have seen all of those Muniac videos ‘teachndad’, but thanks. And ‘mojoe’, those videos are great. Have you got any more of them?