Trials Unicycles

I have a no-name 20" unicycle, I have been doing trials and muni with it but a couple weeks ago I realized that I bent and twisted the axle.
I was just wondering what you would suggest for a trials unicycle…
I’m fifteen and weigh 130 lbs would a suzue hold my weight
I was dropping off picnic tables on my old uni…
If you could give me some advice that would be sweet…

you should try going to and look there but I dont know much about differnt unicycles as i only have one.sorry im not much help

If you bent and twisted the axle dont do anything hard to it (like drops) or it will break off completly.Youd probally want to go with a splined hub(Its stronger)and that wont happen.

The Suz hub might hold up for a while, but it won’t last very long with drops like that. And that’s only the drops you are doing now. In the future, you will be doing bigger and bigger drops. I would suggest getting a splined setup. A kh20 maybe?



I emailed Darren at bedford unicycles he said he had trials with a KH hub for like $500
Is that as cheap as they come?
I have read some stuff about the KH seat breaking is it strong enough?

Re: bedford

Is that CND or USD?

All saddles can break. The KH can hold it’s own…mine has at least.


Thats not as cheap as they theres a KH uni for $399


that was $500 cdn…

You could buy just the hub and cranks from the KH, and some spokes, and then basically use them to replace your current hub/cranks. You would have to learn how to lace up your wheel, but it is a good thing to learn anyways.


I forgot to mention I also ripped two of the bolts lose from the seat and the back ones are ready to go…
I sorta want to put a 2.5" tire on for trials but I don’t think that one of those would fit so I probably would be best to get a whole new uni
at least that is just what I was thinking

This is another option:

If you don’t have the cash right away to do the conversion, the stock torker will probably be better then the uni you have now anyway. Just keep in mind that the frame is pretty small if you get a 20 incher.