Trials Unicycles

Hi, I’m David. New to the forum, kind of new to Unicycling. I had thought about getting one before but they are hard to find in Connecticut. I wanted to try one first. My friend was in Georgia and bought one. As soon as I sat on it I knew I was stuck. :smiley: Now I’m looking to go from a freestyle cycle to a trials one. I was hoping to get one from the U.S. online but they are expensive. I have about $350-$400 to work with. But I don’t want to spend that much. Have any suggestions? Thanks.

Re: Trials Unicycles

If you are going to do some serious riding then spend the money up front and get the good goods. You’ll be disappointed and frustrated if you try to save money now and end up spending more and more $ to keep the equipment operational. Right now the best options involve Profile or Onza. The Onza at looks good, but it hasn’t been out long enough to get feed back on it’s durability.

Oh yeah, welcome to the group David! Hope you stay hooked.

Well thank you for the warm welcome and thank you for the feedback. I hope I’ll stay hooked as well. :smiley: I’m gonna keep looking around. Thanks again.

where about in CT are you? i will be in the state next weekend and plan on bringing my uni. you can give it a try. i too suggest saving up, i didn’t, boy that was dumb.

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I’d rather not say. I’m cautious with that. Is there something going on here? Or are you coming for a different reason? Sadly, I just looked at the Onza and it is out of stock. I will wait maybe. I always have Christmas. :smiley: I’m 16 so heheheheheh.

np with that, didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. i forgot about worrying about being attacked by internet predetors.

im just going home to visit my mom, im up here in ny going to school and i feel that once every few months i should stop by to say hi

No problem, and that is a real nice thing to do. I’m sure she appreciates it. Maybe we could meet, I’d have to see if my parents would go… just incase… :smiley: And you could prolly meet my friend Ross who also started unicycling.