trials uni

i want a trials uni for xmas. i liked the look of this one:

is that one a peice of poo? if soo what sould i go for? It cant be too pricy (santas on a tight budget)

thanx [COLOR=royalblue]

that’s a pretty reasonable price for that. the picture looks like an Alex rim, but the description doesn’t say Alex.

If it’s an Alex, you can’t go wrong with a uni at that price. If it’s not, I’m sure it’s still a great bargain.


I want that one but with a splined hub. I e-mailed and asked them if they could do that but they said they won’t. It sucks, now I have to save up for a onza.

yeah, im hoping for the onza too

i have been looking on their uni’s are really cheep £80 for a splined hub and crank set (onza £120)(kh£140)

I saw that Yuni Trials when I was visiting Uni.Com over the holiday (T’giving). It looks really sweet - regardless of the price and/but especially because of the price! The hub is extra-wide for more lateral strength. The hub, too, was designed for Uni.Com and has their name on it. I’m not so sure about the cranks. They sort of look like Euros. Heck, for the price you can’t beat it. I love my Summit but I’m getting tired of the ankle/toe whack. This uni has non-whacking cranks. (As do the new KH cranks!)

Hey CommandoH, I bought one of those from the UK site a few months ago, as I wasn’t sure if I’d get into riding trials and I think it’s great for the price and it was an Alex rim on mine.

The cranks are quite short and are standard 127s I think. The pedals are quite grippy, but not too grippy for learning to pedal and crank grab, as you can shuffle about on them.

The hub (dunno what it was- it had the wrong one at first but put a new tougher one in) lasted me a while- though no massive drops.

But since, I’ve replaced the hub and cranks with an Onza 140mm set, the frame and seat post with nice black ones from, the seat with a black and yellow KH with yellow handle and bumper and finally the pedals with proper studded yellow ones!

So only the rim and tyre has stayed the same! Looks fantastic though, even if I do say so myself! I’ve got pics of it with the original frame- but non since so I’ll have to sort that out!

Can anyone tell me how to put photos into a gallery?