Trials Uni

Getting a trials uni, narrowed it down to either the nimbus trials, or the torker dx trials. Which one should I get?

Go for the nimbus, it is a MUCH better unicycle.
I would also suggest upgrading to the moment cranks.

From what I have heard, the torker dx trials is HEAVY but also bomb-proof, the nimbus is lighter, but also strong.

I personally would get the nimbus, I just don’t care much for torker, and I’d rather have a lighter uni.

Thanks for the advice, I guess I’ll go nimbus. I really want 24 offroad muni type uni, but I live in florida where there aren’t even hills, and trials is pretty sweet too, so nimbus trials it is.

You’ll just have to get a 24 eventually as well. But I love my 20", it’s small, lightweight, I can take it anywhere, I can practice lots of different types of things on it. It’s just easy to grab and hop outside for a few minutes. Looks like there are a lot of nimbus choices on

Yeah, its mostly color difference other than the signature trials n stuff. Are they much different than the regular nimbus trials? I guess it’s only a 10 dollar difference so it hardly matters. What about Koxx trials uni’s? would you still say nimbus would be the better choice?

Sent you a PM, but try to keep your questions to one thread, it’s easier for people to help you that way.

ok, thanks.

The Torker is not really Bombproof, it’s what I thought also. I’ve broke the frame and twisted the hub on my Muni!

Get the Nimbus, much better unicycle. Light, looking nice and easily upgradable