trials uni

i’m looking for a trials uni in decent to good condition. preferably somewhere in canada if possible.

let me know whats out there! drop me a line here or pm me

trials uni

Hey ho;

There shiny & new but give us a shout at…

Soon were going to be painting up some new funky designs to appear on the site.

either way good luck with your quest…

Do you have a muni to trade? I have a Nimbus Trials for trade only.

I am currently building a uni for sale, that you may be interested in. It will be mostly brand new parts but with a used frame and rim. Both the frame and rim can be painted.

Parts that this uni will include:
KH saddle
KH post
K1 Devil Frame
Tryall solid rim
Nimbus hub
KH Moment cranks 137mm
Odyssey Plastic pedals
Primo spokes
Tryall tire

All very nice parts in new or good condition. It will cost you somewhere in the ballpark of $350.00 US

PM me if your interested, we can even work out custom colors for you as I do powdercoating myself.

here im to lazy to type it all again so here is the link just go down a little and what happened was this kid was going to buy it but ended up not but i put together pictures and everything and i told him a price but i have lowered it to 260 for the wheel set and 300 for the frame and seat and everything with it

check it out and tell me what you think its hard core uni!

oh and if you don’t like the green frame i have a kh short neck frame that i could throw in instead and i could show you some pics if need be tell me what you think.

will that work the frame and the hub?

The aluminum k1 frames are the ones that don’t fit.

so which koxx frames, say would fit a kh hub if any?

more specific would a dan heaton frame fit on a kh hub?
ps sorry for thread jacking.:slight_smile: