trials uni with out a seat?

Many of you will point out the disadvantages and how impractical this idea is, but i’ll say it anyway.

Today I had a thought. If there are trials bikes with out seats, how about a trials uni with out a seat. You could keep the seatpost, but instead of having a welded plate that attaches to a seat, you could weld on a handle.
the handle would probably weigh more than a uni seat, and would hinder one’s trials ability.

just an idea.


hmmm :roll_eyes: … i think that you’d have to be a really good SIF rider but it sounds like an interesting idea. you should try it and lest us know… i would buti suck at SIF right now:(

you change something too far it becomes its own sport. or people lose interest in it.
pretty sure that happened with trials bikes. not sure though

that is just silly…

trials bikes don’t have seats and have become very ‘stick like’ in shape because of rider manouevrability advantages like tucking further etc…

Trials unis HAVE to have seats as it’s what riders hold onto for support and jumping.

Seats serve zero purpose on trials bikes, whereas a trials uni no matter what, must have a seat. Think about it! :roll_eyes:

you don’t need a seat and the handle doesn’t have to be heavier. you can just take the handle off of any seat and fab it onto the seat post.

Sounds interesting. I say atleast give it a try.

I just busted a kh seat post. if I knew somebody with a welder i’d give it a shot.


try going to a local welding/ machine shop and see if they can help you out

This idea has been discussed before. I’ve thought about doing it (I do have a welder, and the metal) but don’t really like the idea of making a unicycle almost exclusively aimed at jumping (yes, we all know skinnies can be ridden seat out). I’ve also been trying to stick to one multipurpose unicycle, and making a uni with just a handle would be going in the wrong direction for me.

I think you’ll be surprised about how important having a seat is if you try this. The side of the seat opposite your lifting hand is very important during seat out so you can brace against your other hip.

If you go to a local shop to have the part made, do a sketch of it or make sure you can describe the part and its requirements very specifically. Speaking from experience, I will tell you that people who walk in with some stupid, vague idea will piss the machinists off fast.

I think specialization is bound to happen with anything I mean look at bikes. (You can do bike trials on other bikes, but it got to the point people just made bikes specifically for their needs I imagine mountain bikes came about in a similar fashion) People are going to want something that suits exactly what they are doing so they can push it that much farther or something… I have seen this already happening with uni’s given it is a new sport of course… The black domina, nimbus street uni, xtp and so on. We can all see specialization when we think about profiles they came abut to suit needs specifically. At some point having something good for everything isn’t vary practical. ( why we have cortless and isis for example) It seems this would be part of the progression of trials seeing that works the best what what doesn’t. I couldn’t hurt to try. That is my take on it.


yeah but profiles are still just cranks that are stronger.
just a handle is no longer a seat. it is a big change to the uni as a whole, not just the strenght

I do get your point, but sell specialization is a good thing. I am just saying this might be the next big thing for all trial riders or maybe just for trial competitions to give the competitors that added edge.

How would taking a seat off affect strangth at all? if anything it would give you less parts to break.

He never said it would affect the strength. I said profiles were a form of specialization and he said yeah, but they only made it stronger while taking a uni seat and replacing it with a handles of some sort is changing much more the strength which is what was done with profiles.

Got it, my bad.

Handle instead of a Saddle

I think that if you put something kind of like a shovel handle but just a little more ergonomically designed instead of a saddle for trials it could make for better trials riding results. Keep in mind that it would only be for short lines, because riding SIF for long periods of time is quite hard on the Quads. It would definetly be easier pulling the wheel up and tucking the knees with sucha handle!



I’d hate to be a SI trials rider.

i am

i don’t like the idea thatmuch. you can’t really ride a good distance with a uni like that. try holding the seat a foot in front of you and riding 100 yards, it sucks. it is really easy to do it for a little while, but it only gets harder. do you really want to have to ride somewhere on a uni like that?

It wouldn’t be too difficult to rig up something where it has a regular seat that can be taken off with a quick release to reveal the handle. then you can ride normally wherever you need to be, pop the seat off and use the handle for trials.