Trials tires + a trials rim.

Hey, all. I have an onza sticky fingers (75% there?) and a tryall sticky lite (99.9% there) I recently found out that I’ve had a brand new luna tire for almost a year now, so I don’t need either of these.

Onza- $25 USD
Tryall- $40 USD

I’d prefer to keep the sales inside the 50 states, so please respond accordingly :slight_smile: Also, you get to pay shipping, you lucky dog.

EDIT: Forgot to post the rim. Here it is:
I’m not sure what brand it is, or whatever, but it’s double walled, 19", about 38mm wide (measured it with a ruler) and I think it’s aluminum. I think it’s for b*ke trials because it has a machined brake surface. I’ll part with it for a measly $8USD.

Edit: One more thing: the rim is for 36 spokes.

Tryall is 30, SickyFingers is 20. I think the shipping would kindof high so buying it used would be pointless.

Tryall is gone. I’m thinkin that the Onza + rim are going to be gone as well.