Trials tire selection/24"

Would the hookworm be lighter and more suitable then a gazz for a manmade trials scenario?
Light 125lbs ,learning trials on a nimbus muni. Gapping, dropping, hopping, level 3 rider.

more info

60 a durometer
dual ply 60 tpi

Anyone have specs on the Gazz?
The are not listed at the website spec sheet. , or on google.

I dont know the specs on a Gazz, but i thimk it would be better for any type of trials. You can run low pressures, and that 3in. of with gives you a really good bounce. The downside to the Gazz is the weight, expense, and they wear out realitivley fast.

The Hookworm makes a terrible trials tire compared to the Gazz. The HW needs to be run at a fairly high pressure and would provide almost no bounce. I’m not sure if any tire is better for trials then the Gazz, but I know the Hookworm isn’t.

Go with the Gazz.
I have both on my 2 24" unicycle. I used the hookworm for trial for 4 months before getting a Gazz which is vastly better for trials. To get any bounce out of the Hookworm it has to be at a low pressure, it then tends to fold over very easily. If you put enough air so it doesn’t fold over it has no bounce.
The Gazz’s spring greatly prevails over its disadvantage of weight. I can jump about 5" higher on my Muni with Gazz and brakes than my 24" hookworm without brakes. The Gazz also has much better grip, especially in wet conditions where the Hookworm is extremely slippery. If you were going to be doing freestyle on a 24" I think the hookworm is best there is for that, but for trials the Gazz is definitely better.

I have both the Hook and the Gazz to my 24" Nimbus.
I am a level 3 rider. My Hookworm is 2.5 wide and my Gazz is 2.6 wide. I thenk they are pretty equal in bounce but sine the Gazz has knobs it is better cuz it grips the obstacle you want to get up on better.

Thanks for the advice.
I’m now considering getting a 20" wheel/crankset for the 24"muni frame as a cheaper option. Cheaper then getting a whole new trials uni. Will the hub span the distance?
Off to research this choice.