Trials Tire assistance?

I’m looking around for a different trials tire other than the luna (which I currently have) and the monty which everybody else has. I searched for a general trials site but it was all about what trials is. I also looked for specific ones that bikers told me about but that didn’t work out. is their any good tire sites or specific tires that you could send me to ior recommend? Thanks a lot. Price is basically of no concern, thanks Running Room.


Just so you know, there are 3 different types of monty 19" tires.

May I ask whats wrong with the Duro or Monty.

There are 3 maybe more, different Monty trials tires, Skin wall, white line, and I think its called the black wall. The skin wall is lighist and has the thinist sidewall, while the black wall is the most hefty, and has the thickest sidewall. The whiteline is inbetween the two.

For Uni trials I think the Skinwall is way too soft and has to be run at a really high pressure to stop you from bottoming out on your rim.

I have never had any problems with my Monty tires (both whie line) , the bead is good and I havent blown out a sidewall or anything even on my old bald one.

i beleive echobikes make a 19" tyre,
but i ve never found there to be a problem with the luna.
its moulded better than the monty, it dosent mark floors as much as the monty, and it cost less than the monty,
in all other aspects the luna is pretty much identicl to the black monty.