Trials Tire 19 x 2.5 tubes

Hey everyone,
I was wondering what size tube I should use for my trials uni. I’ve patched the tube that came with my Qu-ax 6 times and it has popped again. I tried a 2.125 but it seemed to pop easily because of it stretching too much. This is the biggest size And all my lbs’s carry. What do you guys think?

I use a 2.125 and it works just fine for me.

Buy the 19x2.5 tubes. They are about 7 or 8 dollars.

Are there any other places to buy them?

Also how do you order from there? do you have to call to order or something?

If you live anywhere near a motorbike shop you should go in there and see how much tubes are. I’m using a 19X3" tire, but I think a 16X2" or 16X3" would be a better fit. Mine only cost me (AU)$12, and a regular 2.125" is about (AU)$9.

Yeah, just call him up.

Or go for a motorbike tube, like mentioned above.

Ok, Thanks. I’ll try and get a motor bike tube but if I can’t get one around here I’ll order a couple tubes from

tbh a 2.125 tube is fine, you just need to have it pumped quite hard and well it does pop every so often. But those motorbike tubes are real heavy.

A car is really heavy, an elephant is really heavy. Motorbike tubes weigh a few hundred grams, so if you’re a weight freak then yes it’s heavy, but it’s had negligible negative effects on my riding. I’m actually doing bigger stuff now because I know that I’m not gonna break this tube, where with the old 2.125" ones I’d be lucky if went a whole 5 hours of riding without having to patch it up.

the huge volume and lower pressure abilities have made my hop higher. Basically the volume cancels out the weight.

wow chill dude, no need to go crazy on me. All i was saying is that i’ve ridden with both and i’d rather have a higher pressure in a 2.125" tube and live with it than get a motorbike tube with real low pressure but gain 500g. I aint a weight freak but those tubes are damn heavy.

i ride low pressure on a 2.125 and have only popped one tube ever. and when i say low pressure i mean like 18-19 PSI and i weigh 150

wow your either really lucky or you dont gap much.

on my KH the tire is 19x2.5 but the tube is 20x2.125 so take the tire off and check the tube not just the tire

go to a motorcycle/dirtbike shop and have them order you a 15x2.5 tube, should fit perfect. i run a 14x2.5 i popped 12 tubes in 1 week… the tube i got was like $10

oh and did i mention it is LIGHTER than a heavy duty bike tube.
its like 2x the weight of a normal one, so it still weighs NOTHING.