(Trials)------Starting Over

Hey everyone, this is my newest video.
I call it starting over because since my last video,
I lowered my seat a bunch, which makes it
a lot more difficult to do SIF but
a lot more fun and enjoyable doing SI. In other
words, all of the small jumps I do are SI because
I just started doing SI sorta.

Here is Youtube
Vimeo will be up soon

doesnt work

it does now, it was just processing.
Vimeo is up, but it is also processing

oh yeah, comment please:)

Nice work. good riding and well edited.
You are improving fast

Not bad, keep practicing. The main thing I suggest is to eliminate all those small pogostick like hops, they make your riding look bad and especially when turning while stationary. You should be able to turn around 180 degrees in one hop, not four or five.

sorry for the multiple posting this is Vimeo better quality

i can’t do SIF, then again i have never tried raising my seat a load.

what sort of hights against your leg/body do people have the top of the seat at for…

Abit of variety would be good like maby some skinnies
it all seemed to be hops, a few flips and spins wouldnt hurt anybody.

Looks like you have purchased some Circa shoes like mine???

Nice video
No pre-hops seems to be hard
Why dont you use a helmet, the last bail you could have crashed your head.

yea use a helmet! good riding, but you could need some different things, try a skinny, some more long jumps, rolling, gaps, not just hight and stairs, god great riding :smiley:

Don’t you think it’s funny how on youtube he dedicates the video to 661, but doesn’t wear a helmet or pads, much less 661 stuff.


Nice editing…OK song…could use some more variety(already said:p ).

Your progressing quick.