trials seat hight

high or low? When I see some of the european riders doing like 110cm they have a low seat, but some of the best trials riders like Ryan Atkins and Zack Baldwin have fairly high seats.
So what do you guys prefer?

i like mine lower than for muni and regular riding, but probably higher than lots of people, but i’m a tall guy and i don’t want to have to bend over too far to be able to do seat out.

it depends on how you ride, seat in or seat out.

if you ride seat out you might like a high seat more, because it is comfier.

if you ride seat in you might liek a low seat more, because it gives you more room to tuck.

From bottom of my tire, to the top of my seat, my unicycle is around 40inches tall.

The seat comes right to my button on my pants.

5’11" SIF rider.

SIF = high seat
SI = low seat

…next question?

I’ve experimented with seat hight a lot over the past 5 or so months. At the begining, I rode with my seat really really low, so that when I stood up on the uni, there was about 8" between my crotch and seat. Then I switched to riding where just riding around on the street, at the bottom of the wheel revolution my foot would just barely stay on the pedal. Then I found that pretty impractical for skinnies (although I did experiment with SIF skinny riding, which actually was pretty cool, cause if you lost you balance, instead of shifting your body weight, you would tip the uni over a tiny bit to make fine tuning adjustments). Now I have found a happy medium and ride with the seat somewhere inbetween.

ya i hop seat out, and i recently lowered my seat about 3". I cant hop much higher ( 1 or two inches) but i can do stuff more often. It feels a bit wierd, but im gonna stick with it for a while and see how it goes

MINE IS WAY OMEGA LOW… i Carry and an ally with me to change the height tho…

I keep my seat low enough for SI, but I can still do SIF just fine. Once I get better with SIF I will raise it up.

I like my seat kinda high but not to gih because im only 4’ 11".

well im fucked for a week or two. Through out my back so I cant ride :angry: