trials rims

What is the best trials rim??

I think a lot of people will tell you the Alex DX32 rim. Its either that or the Monty i’d say, and ive heard some bad things about the Monty. I’ve got an Alex DX32 rim - and its great, so i’d say the Alex.

Monty sucks. THe DX-32 is fine. The Arrow is good. If you ride hard, you’ll probably break the Monty, but the DX-32 and Arrow rims won’t break.

My brother just got the nimbus trials uni, What rim is on that. it has no lable and doesent look like any of the rims on Also what tire is on it, The tire just says “Bike Trials” but its not a Luna or montly.

I have the Alex rim on my KH trials and muni, I think its a great rim.

I’ve busted 3 alex rims, and a monty rim. Now i have an arrow on my main trials unicycle, and a DX-32 on my other one. The arrow rim is sick, but i think if your not bustijng alex rims, then they’re a much better deal (and really light too)


I have an ALEX 32 (24") and it has been flawless.
I have broken a couple of spokes.
While my max drop has been 37", I weigh 222-250 lbs.

doesnt not sell those wheel sets anymore? cause i wanted the profile wheelset with the arrow rim, but they didnt have it. could someone tell me whats going on with them?

does nobody know?

I think the guys at 1800-unicycle prolly do…if they don’t then surely must.

ur a funny one obie-one

I do my best. :slight_smile:

Well they are on the site still last time I checked. So unless you heard otherwise theyre still available. And if you did hear otherwise give em a call to see what the status is. Theyre nice people.