Trials rim? (Which)

So, I currently have my KH MUni, and that’s suiting me fine for trials, it’s great. My trials is unsplined, has bent cranks, and if I ride it I hurt my knees. I’m thinking about renovating it so that I can get better at trials and street, since that’s what I do mostly. I’m thinking I’m going to get a new KH hub and cranks or profiles, not sure which, keep the united frame (probably), keep the tire (it’s not too worn), and keep the pedals and seat.

The main question I’m having now is which rim should I get? I pulled a couple of spokes and pulled bumps in the monty rim currently on it. It appears Arrow Racing trials rims are out of stock, so what to do? What does everyone think about the new KH rims? I had the muni one break on me, but I think this one doesn’t have the defect that caused that. What about the DX32? How strong is that? Are there any alternatives somewhere else? (other than

Try-all buy that one. Its wider and lighter than a dx-32. Lots of pros use them and they look keul.

but strength?

It’s drilled, I dunno if it’s gonna work.

I like strong wheels. I hate breaking rims.

Will it take 6’ drops?

The pros use those drilled out rims for competition. For everyday banging around they use a real rim that isn’t drilled out like swiss cheese.

Im gonna have to disagree with you about shitching rims, but if you think its cant hold up… people to 10+ foot drops on these things wih probably less air in the tire that you use. Its your call, but i would encourage you to watch some trials vids and see how strong they are. Gerblefranklin put on on his trials uni, and I be interested to see how he likes it.

You still may want a different rim, but Kris said that the old batch of his rims had a defect in them. They have been fixed now. So you probably can’t go with what you have saw on them lately.

Ok, I’m glad to hear the defect in the trials rims was worked out. I think I’m going to go with a DX32 or KH, probably.

In Universe 2 i think a couple of riders ride the alex dx 32.

the drilled holes in the rim dont mean anything but weight reduction. The holes are inbetween the spokes and the spokes are what take the stress so it is not a big deal about strength. And try-all is a really good company.

what about the arow raceing rim

It still weakens the rim.

Typically the fancy lightweight rims are used for competition and when they shoot their videos. Then they use a standard rim when banging around and practicing. That doesn’t mean that some people don’t use the drilled out rims full time.

the arrow’s out of stock at

I’m thinking about just keeping my monty. It’s in decent shape, so I could survive it.

I’ve never had any problems with my DX-32

Same to me… but i use the TryAll.

Where do you gather these statistics John? Have you met several people with these drilled rims who’s riding habits you have studied? I saw one (two) of those drilled rims the other day, it was on a trials bike. The rider was from Vancouver and he said that him and his riding buddies had been riding with Kris Holm a couple of years ago but hadn’t seen him since. Anyway- this guy was hopping on rocks at the foreshore trials style, quite impressive. He had no complaints about the weakness of his rim, and it seemed as if he was just banging around practising, not shooting videos or competing. Lightweight counts in trials- no seat and light components makes you able to hop slightly higher I guess. I reckon it would be good to stick a try-all rim on a unicycle- and then when it buckles John can say “I told you so”.

I’ve talked to local trials bike riders. One guy was a big guy and he’s had problems with rims failing along with other bits of his bike. I did ask him about drilled out rims (he doesn’t use them).

So it all depends. Some people get by with the drilled out rims while others do not. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you see them at trials competitions and in videos that they use those rims and other weight weenie parts full time. You don’t get weight reduction for free.

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