Trials ride and a new comment

So this morning I decided to put the fireball on because it was getting up to 65º and most of the snow has melted. That’s right, yesterday it was 60, today 65, and tommarrow another day of 60.

So I went for a two and a half hour ride around the U, found some new stairs, talked to a couple of people who work at the same shop I do,   did some new drops and gaps, tried a set of stairs longer then ever before (for me) and got filmed by a couple of BMX'ers out riding.   Lots of fun, and no one hasseled me at all about "you shouldnt ride here," exept this one jerk.  but anyway, at one point I went to a big mikes super subs to get some ice water (I didnt want to bring my camelbak today), and upon exiting I mounted and rode off along the sidewalk.  well theres a curb on the sidewalk sticking up about 4 inches and about 10 feet long.  I jumped up, rode it and got down, and this guy says "I bet you cant do that after 8 beers!"   Well, iv never heard that comment before...

Edit: by the way, Joe, you missed some damned good riding.

beeull and I were riding downtown in Sarasota… rode by this outside restraunt. An extremely good looking female and her male partner stopped as we rode by. We showed off for a bit, the female gave a shot at riding, and the male replied with "F&%#K let me buy you guys a drink already!

I see…

Re: Trials ride and a new comment

Maybe so, but we had some great riding here this weekend too. Me and Dave went out today for our annual “St. Patty’s Day Massacre” ride.

Dave is really getting good at muni-ing. The trails were pretty muddy, so we had a challange just staying upright. I’ve got a few pictures up;
and I’m trying to upload a video now, but I don’t know if it’s uploading, it’s taking awhile.

cheers and beers… Mojoe

Oh well, After another hour and a half trials ride at Lake Como it’s about 4 hours of trials riding this weekend. found some new lines through the rocks there too. and I fell in, got ym shoes soaking (and cold.