Trials results


The “Round House Rumble”, a freeride and unicycle trials event, took
place yesterday in Toronto at the base of the C.N. Tower on the grounds
of the Steam Whistle brewery. The day was very warm and everyone ended
up with a sun tan. The event had riders from all over North America.
There were a few good spills and lots for great riding. W.F. White had a
huge camera crane filming the event as there will be a DVD and T.V. show
produced from the footage.

The unicycle trials event was solely sponsored by BEDFORD UNICYCLES .
The scrap car was supplied by WILLIAM’S TOWING .

The results are as follows:

Pro Class
1st place - Carl Hoyer - winning a ATI video card, Airwalk shoes
2nd place - Jeff Groves - winning a Set of pedals, trials sweatshirt

Sport Class
1st place - Ian Cox - winning a Helmet
2nd place - Nick Mandrapilias - winning a CamelPak
3rd place - Steve Witt - winning a CamelPak
4th place - James Carpenter - winning a CamelPak

Beginner Class
1st place - Andrew Parker - winning a CamelPak

A great time was had by all. Pictures will be posted soon !!!


Just want to say thanks to Darren and all the others that made this event so fun. Very inspirational with a really positive and encouraging vibe. Some of the after event stuff was impressive as well. Urban trials in Toronto, can’t beat it.
Thanks for the great event Darren and all those involved. Can’t wait for the next one.