trials question

im going to buy a unicycle but i need to know somethings first…
im planning on doing tricks but i want to know more about the trials?

first off what things are you limited on doing with a trials compared to other unis? i also want to know if their are any drawbacks to a trials unicycle?
i dont want to have my expectations up and then finally get one and be let down and find out i wasted money…anything i should or shouldnt be expecting from a trials? and if i do end up buying one should i buy one with a 2.25 tire or 2.5 tire

thanks alot , David

what kind of tricks? trials tricks or freestyle?

basically the only way it will limit you (and not by much) is if you’re doing freestyle…you want a skinny high psi tire for that. freestyle tricks are a bit harder to learn on a trials

other than that…if you’re doing flatland…street…or trials, trials unis are perfect.
there’s not really any limitations…except that it’s slow. and you want a 19x2.5 tire…like i said unless youre doing only freestyle…then you want a freestyle uni with a 20x1.95 or so high psi tire.

The cranks play a part in it too! If you are doing flat or street then round K1/Impact cranks would begood but not so good for trials unless you have moments with rollos on and off.

Also the frame is a part of it if you have a round one it’s good for trials tucking but a flat top is okay for trials a good for street and flat!
Hoped that helped

you want a frame with a flat top. very few people actually hit thier knees with them, and even then, not often

get a trials w/ isis hub and you should be fine.

I don’t quite agree especially if you are “knocked kneed” like me (which many people aren’t.) but you still can even hurt them when doing a long hop