Trials: Personal Highjump Record

This video is part of BIU Trials “Experts” Finland :smiley:

First time I jumped 64cm about 1 month ago, but I broke my finger :frowning: On Friday I unicycled first time after 4 weeks break and today I repeated my personal record :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy! :smiley:

wow thats crazy! those pallets look really slippery…

Yeh! There is snow and ice between pallets :frowning:

sketchy pallets are sketchy! nice work :smiley:

Haha! Thanks! :smiley:

You’re jumping a little too close to your obstacle, try from further away and I think you will be able to get a few more cm. Add a good prehop and you could break 70cm no problem.

nice job!

you’re crouching down and then jumping instead of bouncing fast off the ground.
Heres an example,youll get alot higher this way

Wow, almost 109cm static is insane!! :astonished:

Thank you for tips :slight_smile:

I was surprised that you even landed it. Those pallets are dangerous, lol.

Oh and i laughed through alot of your video,it was very entertaining :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to hear :smiley: