Trials Pedals

What are some good trials pedals?

Just get some good Wellgo’s

Blegh, no…get some Snafu Old Style Ball Bearing pedals… Wellgo’s aren’t very grip and their bearing are TERRIBLE. Mine were broken in like 1 week.


I wouldnt go for the atomlab trail kings. bent the spindles, but they have decent grip.

The Easton Flatboy or Easton Cully pedals would be horrible for trials. The bearing will self-destruct and fall apart if you do pedal grabs or crank grabs. I used the Easton Flatboy pedals on my muni for part of one season and had to stop using them because the bearings would fall apart and the platform would fall right off the spindle. And that was with just plain old XC muni use, no trials abuse like pedal grabs. The Easton pedals are not suitable for abusive riding on a unicycle. The Easton pedals are highly regarded for bike use (DH and freeride) but bikes don’t give pedals the type of abuse that muni and unicycle trials does. $80 pedals shouldn’t fall apart like that after about 4 months of XC muni use.

Best bet for trials would be the Snafu pedals or Primo Tenderizers. Either the sealed or unsealed versions. Unsealed pedals actually have some advantages over the sealed versions because unsealed bearings won’t fall apart the way that sealed cartridge bearings can.

Wow! Atomlab says their Trail King pedal has “Huge, indestructible 14mm cromo spindles”. I guess they’re not Max proof. I don’t think any pedal can ever be Max proof.

Maybe something like the Gack Juggernaut might some chance of surviving your abuse.

not eastons, easterns, the guy at the bike shop, who rides bike trials along with some friends, reccomended them. And yes, bike trials riders do pedal grabs too.

Ah, Easton is not a bike company I’m familiar with. A quick Google search found their home page and the product page for their pedals

Dans Comp has the Eastern pedals and other Eastern parts so it’s a brand that should have made it onto my radar screen at some point, but I seem to have completely forgotten about them.

I know the bike trials riders do pedal grabs, but the DH and freeride riders don’t. It’s the DH and freeride folks who like the Easton pedals.

I love my Primo Tenderizers! My feet never slip and i havent broken the pedals yet. They’re pretty heavy but totally worth it.

Id agree with avoiding the wellgos. Ive broken a few sets grinding and grabbing.

good luck.

haha thats awesome, i want some!! i could be a pimp!!

Darren Bedford should put those on his low rider unicycle(144 spokes)!

I have the old style snafus (and like em a lot) but just got some Primo Tendrizers. I just felt like I was going to break off all the pins when I was pedal grabbing with the snafus, and the primos looked like they can take the abuse since they seem a bit more solid. Now, I’m thinking maybe I should take the Primos back, and get another set of Snafus for when I finally destroy the ones I have now. The Snafus are about $10 cheaper, too. Any suggestions? Should I keep the primos?



If the pins are falling out of the Snafus you can use Loctite threadlocker to get them to stay in the pedal. You can use either the red high strength threadlocker or the blue medium strength threadlocker. Put Loctite threadlocker on the threads and then screw them in tight. You can use pliers to make sure they are really tight. It can be tough to get them really tight using a tinny allen key so I use pliers.

The pins are actually set screws. Set screws are a common item that can be found at a fastener shop or at better hardware stores. A fastener store is a fancy name for a store that specializes in nuts, bolts, screws, and other threaded bits of hardware. The pedals use metric set screws. I think they’re 3mm, but I’m not sure. Take one of the set screws out of the pedal and take it with you so you can get a replacement that is the right diameter and the right length.

Set screws are cheap. They should be a couple cents each. Get a bunch to replace your loose pins. It’s good to have some extra on hand so you can replace the pins if any more fall out. Get some Loctite too. With the pins Loctited in place you shouldn’t have any more problems with the pins falling out.