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hi, i’m looking to build some begginer-intermediate trials obstacles and am wondering which ones are good to build, i had some left over wood stuff and built a couple 3-foot ladders, and i like riding stuff like that that’s not to high, i also like jumping and stuff
does anybody have tips on what to buy/use and pictures of their own setups?

pallets pallets pallets!!! and for some ideas go to

pallets, spools, and 2x4s but yeah, pallets are great.

You might like to have a look through the trials obstacle section of .


i looked last night and am planning to build some sandwich boards in the next week or so

The limitation with most standard trials articles is that most are all flat, level surfaces–good for beginning hopping but the skill set does not transfer perfectly to Muniing (my focus), which usually involves oblique and rounded planes (rocks, et al).

An effective and cheap training tool for this is to go to Home Depot and pick up a couple cement baseplates for big umbrellas. They have a 3-4 inch aluminum tube to take the umbrella–just saw this off flush with the baseplate. The cement baseplate is circular, dome shaped, and about 16 inches across. At 12 bucks, you can buy several of these, lay them out on your porch or sidewalk or whatever, and practice gapping from one to the other. Trickier than it first looks–holding even a momentary stillstand on the domed surface tokk me some practice. My technique improved fast as my legs could take it (more than 6-8 gaps and I’m gasping). Half hour on these things and my shirt was soaked through. I noticed an almost immediate difference on the rocks up in Santa Barbara.


also, with some pallet stacks you can attach some boards as ramps. not just for riding up, but hopping up a slope. loads of fun and fairly hard.

Coldawg, drop by my house sometime and I’ll give you a set of 2’ boxes. Seriously, i need to get rid of them, someone take them…

I use 2x4s, poles, and 4x4s for most obstacles, with a smattering of plywood and 6x8s. Pallettes get really boring really fast, being as there are only so many things that can be done with them. My gallery has videos with examples of trials obstacles that can be built.

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>does anybody have tips on what to buy/use and pictures of their own

Some ideas for beginners trials props, including close-ups of the
design, are at <>.

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Use the pallets at angles for more challenge. Cut pallets into half and make sections that you can ride up and over. Cut up the pallets and use the wood pieces to make skinnies and posts. Use the left over pieces of wood for a fire and to toast marshmallows and hot dogs.

Pallets are very useful things. Only limited by your creativity.

have fun!


Any other ideas? Just wanted to push this thread up.

I built a platform, a balance beam, a ramp, and a see saw. All very easy and fun. Plus everything is small so it can be rearranged


Pallets are probably the most versatile thing you can get. If I had room for them I’d have 100

I agree. i sad some on there sides to make skinnies!

Can anybody else post pictures of their home-made trials courses and/or obstacles so I can get some ideas? I have seen 1 or 2, but the more the better. Thanks!

This is my setup:

in this video i just spread out some wood and found a line in it

And the better you get, the less pre built obstacles you need. One you are able to jump decently high you can start jumping on benches and picnic tables and stuff like that. Curbs are also great skinnies.