Trials obstacles for California Muni Weekend - Santa Cruz - 07

Hi all,
Here are more pictures of what we have been building. Check the link out for all pictures:

Awesome! You’ve been busy with fun stuff! I’ve been busy with work stuff. :angry:

some of that looks sick. you should probably put in a big up and a good size gap or 2. maybe some gaps to skinnys. kinda like what zack did in defect on the lunch line bars. except not that high of course.

Yeah, im hoping to do some of those things too.

Next weekend i think we will do more building and stuff. I’ll email you next week.

Mmm, it looks very different in pictures.

Corbin, I’ve been thinking we should start making more obstacles that aren’t ladder bridges. From memory and from that album, it seems that wider, taller skinnies are a bit over-represented, while lower, thinner skinnies are rarer.

Torkerdx, try to remember that we are making this course for a full range of riders, not just the upper end. I personally think we should steer clear of simple large hops, and instead make them smaller and more technical (rather than some 3’ hop from nowhere to nowhere, make it a 2’ hop up to a post or a 2x4 on edge to ride). By making the hops smaller but more technical, the course is more accessible to more riders, while still giving a substantial challenge to the more advanced riders. Case in point, I am confident I can do a 3’ hop with a couple of tries, but that second line I named would be a lot more challenging and fun.

All that said, there’s already at least one line which is just a big (>38") pedalgrab without space for a prehop. I’m sure we’ll be able to find more.