trials movie

my brother and I finally finnished our first moveie. We are not all that good but would like any comments or suggestions. The file is only about 6MB. It is at and is titled “our most recent movie”.

awesome video guys. pretty solid riding. you look pretty young. how old are you guys? keep up the good work for sure!


I agree with Kevin, very solid riding! Good work on cleaning thoes lines and making it look smooth. Great job!


Nice riding indeed! I liked the snow riding (especially since SF never gets any, so I’m envious). As for the 2 hand hopping, it would be wise to consider only using one hand. I use my right hand, and I have my right foot back. Also, rather than doing prehops when you gap, try to get up to the edge, hang your tire off, pause, and then go. At first it might not help (and I still find that I have to watch the tire to know when I’m hanging off the edge, and then ,during the pause, I look up at the object), but once the objects get smaller, you’ll be happier. I also like the pedalhangs. Did you ever get up to rubber on them?

awesome, keep the vids coming


Killer one footed idle. I really liked that

Yeh, great stuff guys. How old are you? How long have you been riding?


We are 14 and have been riding trials for about a year. My brother first learned to unicycle when he was very young, but got into it alot last year.