Trials- Long Weekend Video

Did some filming on one of the days of this past long weekend. Edited it together to make this. Excuse the dabs.

Download (megaupload)-

Watch (vimeo)-

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Youtube got squished, and so did vimeo and I’m not sure how to fix that so help on that would be great. Really, just download it though.

You are a better rider than I and it’s all personal preference, but I would suggest rasing your tire psi a bit. It might be harder at first but I think It will really increase your hop height. Other than that good riding.


Good ups.
I liked the music too, esspecially the Moby.


Nice, you’ve improved a lot! How high was that first up at the beginning?

I see lime green pedals.

Where did you get them? I must know.

Nice video. I liked the music too!:slight_smile:

Thanks. The up was around 29.5", but I never actually landed it on camera.

Dans Comp, but last time I checked they didn’t have green ones anymore. Yeah, no more lime green.

Its because every year they change the colors, and mine were 07s.

Yeah, I mostly did pedal grabs but on the 39.5" I crank grabed cause the pallets slant down a little and its pretty unstable.

As for the dabs, my only excuse is that I’m short and my arm is close down to the ledge:p

Thanks for all the comments guys, I appreciate it!

I’ve got another long weekend coming up (4 days!) so I’ll most likely be making another video.

Out of curiosity, how many of you actually downloaded the video?

I did not.

i thoroughly enjoyed that vid. thanks.
i used vimeo

Pretty good.

Awesome vid, you are getting reall good.

That is probably the highest quality i have ever seen on youtube…

Thanks all you guys.

It is a shame that the video gets squished on youtube and vimeo. Anyone know how to fix it?

ahh great video! nice hops to. cheers.

Awesome vid Max, you can hop very high, good choice of music, awesome editing…do you use Adobe?

Good quality…Overall good video…I would stick to Trials, dont do that kinda street stuff, You are a very good trials rider.

Also Emile he pedal grabs, not crank. Did you even watch the video? :stuck_out_tongue:



Suprisingly, I’m using WMM. After using it for a while, I’m realizing that I can do some pretty cool things with it without getting overly fancy with effects and transitions. I just don’t feel the need to dish out whatever it is (even though its not much) for premiere.

Yeah, the “kinda street” stuff was only thrown in there because when the spot you’re riding is a wall and a 3 set, stuff can get pretty repetitive.

And I think Emile was talking about the 39.5 pedal grab, where I landed on the pedal and then went to crank cause the ledge sloped down a bit.

Thanks everyone for the comments, hopefully you’ll like this weekend’s vid even better, should be coming wednesday or thursday next week.

Wow! WMM? You make the best vids for using WMM…thats incredible…you got some great transitions in there…

Good job! If I had known it was WMM I would have gave more credit on my first compliment.