trials in unicycling

hey everyone.

I made my first unicycle movie and I’m physced!!! It’s right here
please comment on it!!!

Cool! It wasn’t repetitive like most beginners’ movies! You kept it decently fast paced and not too many hops. The distorted pictures were really funny too! Good Job!

WOW. That was awesome! how long have you been riding? Looks like you picked it up quick. I do think that you you progress amazingly fast if you got a 20" trials…i just think it’d be more maneuverable for you(not that your doing bad at all…i just think you could do even better). keep it up!

thanks guys.

I originally made it for my skools film festival but then thought I might share it with everyone!

oh and surfer1024, those pictures weren’t distorted

That was a good first video! The editing was clean and the quality was high. What editing software do you use and what camera?

Good Job!


i missed this one, but yeah very good, i liked the face thing in the beggining, that drop at 1:00 was pretty big, you should put a little bit of air in your tire…

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: HELP!!!

Will increasing the amount of air in my tire decrease my bounce height? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

not nesesarily…
if you put 2 much in it could but try and kep it so you just miss hitting the rim on your biggest drop…there a about a million trie pressure threads…so lets not make this another one!!:wink: …again…i think you would be a ton better off on a 20"trials at yur skill level


you know, I’m not exactly old enough for a job so money in my pants is tight. Besides, I’m not all that good yet. Maybe when I’m older and better, I will consider a 20." I have a 20" cx. It’s horrible, but a 20" none the less. I really only feel comfortable riding a 24." But I think once I buy a 20" trials, a good unicycle, It won’t feel as weird. I one rode a 20" with a huge tire, basically a trials and it felt like a 24 inch. So, I don’t know, but as for now, I’ll ride to my own beat.

All the riding parts were really good, good mix of riding, good editing and filming but you could work on the sound a bit on the beginning when you are talking (it was too quiet).

Glad to see your face looks normal when you uni:)

excellent first movie

Wow, just as everyone else said, that was an AWESOME movie! I loved the intro, it really sets it out from all the other movies out there. Great work, keep up the riding!

PS. I was unable to find the “chinchilla” mentioned in the credits. :roll_eyes:

oh, you mean juanto, yeah, he really did most of the riding.


One of the best beginner vids out there :sunglasses:

As long as you aren’t getting pinch flats, that pressure is fine. If you raise it you will stress other parts of you uni more (your cranks would probably be the first to go, replace w/ these if they break).

A fatter tire will allow you to run a lower air pressure. A Kenda Kinetics 2.6 will fit (barely), and I believe a
Hookworm will as well.

Lots of hopping and esp. drops put a lot of stress on the uni causing more frequent failures.

I think the next trick I’m going to focus on is wheel walking. Any tips for next video?

i’ll try to learn to backward one foot

One foot idle
Hopping on tire, 90 uni spin to or from tire, or both
Jump mount, 180 jump mount, 180 uni spin
Pedal grab, pedal grab to tire

Street skills list

i’ll try

do you guys think my riding could be better with a real trials unicycle?

that was a good beginner video! and yes a 20 inch trials uni would help you ride. for me it helped quite a bit.

P.S. by any chance do you own guitar hero 2?:stuck_out_tongue:

that’s good because I am going to buy 1.