Trials in SNow

hey has anyone tride doing trials in the snow, i wanna try it, but its really icy out here right now. so im just seeing if anyone else has done it and what it was like thanks

It is very possible and very fun:D

Check out some of jaco_flans videos, like this one:

He’s just one rider, but lots of people do it!

Thanks for posting my video:) I love trials riding and I dont really like snow, but I ride anyway:p Trials in the snow is a little harder, as you can see on the first clip on the video, I had some trouble for hopping in the snow, but you can just jump on it few times and it’ll get flat, and ridable.

A little off topic, but where your from? because it’s really icy over here also:p

that’s a cool video :slight_smile:
i love to ride trials and riding in the snow is just more challenge. sometimes its hard (even painful :p), but its still fun!