Trials Help

Ok Im into trials and ive learned pedal grabs and riding on skinny stuff pretty well, but what do I learn next?

whatever you think looks “cool” thats what i did.

ya Im learning crankflips but right now whats the next step in trials?

maybe seat in front. Trials is more af a gradual progression since there aren’t tricks or anything.

get stuff you know smooth and more eficiant and learn to get up from pedal grapes, thats what i’m doing

you should learn to circus idle. helps a lot to keep in hopping position and doesn’t use as much energy as balance hops.

k thanks and this is how good i am at trials right now if ya wanna see.

dude, don’t worry about doing drills, this isn’t a freaking sports team, just do what feels good and you will get better.

You don’t really learn new things in trials, you just improve the very basic stuff. Beginning trials riders hop on things; advanced trials riders hop on things. It’s just about improving your hops (amount of setup hops/pre-hops, height, length, etc.).

learn to hop higher and tuck more.