Trials help

I’ve recently started a spot trials on my uni but I’m finding it difficult. At the moment I am currently able to jump up a curb or a step but I’m finding it hard to jump any higher. If anybody has any tips for hoping with you seat out of jumping higher in general I would be very grateful.

I think what helped me most was just watching the technique, and practise practise practise!
having a bar or a ledge you can change the height of will help you a load too.
Here are some high seat in sidehops

and here are some really high seat out front hops

Work on both static hops (hops from standing still) and hops with a prehop (the ones from further away)
I would say when you can hop about 50-60cm comfortably with the seat in, move onto seat out front stuff :slight_smile:
it’s all about practise! good luck :smiley:

Thankyou for the help Alister :slight_smile:

Unicycle mag issue 11 (September - November 2009) has an excellent article by Kris Holm on hops and gaps - covering static hops, SIF, difficult surfaces and more.

you must tuck :D:D:D