Trials & Freestyle

I can see why one couldn’t do trials on a freestyle uni, but why could one not do freestyle on a trials uni? Wouldn’t it be a bit easier because of the stronger parts? And the wheels come in the same size so that’s no different. I’m confused:(

Not really sure either, but I know my trials uni is a lot heavier then my old freestyle uni. I suggest (assuming you’re in the market) if you wanna do both go with a trials uni.


I can’t imagine the weight of the uni would have any effect on a lot of freestyle skills, like one footed, seat out, etc, as you can do all those things on a trials.

And yeah, I plan on getting a trials around the end of the summer.

It’ll effect a uni-spin and a few other skills. Also general maneuverability. Are you the guy who was talking about the colors of the Torkers?


You can do freestyle skills on a trials unicycle, but it’s not ideal and there are some types of freestyle skills that are just not suited for a trials unicycle. I don’t like doing freestyle with my trials unicycle.

The cranks on a trials unicycle are longer than on a freestyle unicycle. With a trials unicycle you’ll end up hitting the cranks and pedals on the ground a lot.

A trials unicycle is not indoor friendly. Freestyle is often done indoors on gym floors and tile floors. An indoor friendly unicycle needs plastic pedals, a non-marking tire, and bumpers and other protections so that no metal parts can ever hit and damage the floor. Trials tires are not non-marking. The tire will leave marks on the floor. The long cranks mean that the pedals will hit the floor, and even with plastic pedals the pedals can hit with enough force to leave a mark on the floor.

Trials tires have more grip than freestyle tires so skills that involve tight turns (like spins) or twisting (like horizontal idling) are more difficult on a trials unicycle. Tight turns will wear down a trials tire quickly. Twisting and scuffing moves will also wear down a trials tire quickly.

Freestyle skills that work on a trials unicycle would be things that involve jumping and uni spins. Uni spin variations are good. Hopping on wheel variations are good. Skills when you stand or land on the cranks are good. Wheel walking skills are somewhat good (I prefer wheel walking on my freestyle rather than my trials).

Ideally you should get both a trials uni and a freestyle uni. Use each one for what they’re suited for.

Awesome. That’s exactly what I wanted to know.

Unfortunately I now need more money. Digital video camera and 2 unicycles. I ought to choose just one hobby.