trials frames- bedford vs. kris holm

Is there any difference between the kris holm trials frame and the bedford trials? I’m thinking about getting a trials uni cause all i have is a muni. You can get a trials uni with the kris holm cranks and hub and seat for $60 less than the kris holm and I was just wondering if it was worth the money for the KH.

I’d say it is. the KH frames are great. they bedford frames aren’t bad at all, but the Kh frames are sooooooooooooo light.

60 bucks Canadian is definatly worth it if you can afford it. The Bedford frame is a great frame but it is steel and therefore it is pretty heavy. The Kris Holm frame is made out of Aluminum, therefore it is alot lighter. I used to think that the weight in a frame doesn’t really matter much, but I tried out a friends uni and I found that although I still can’t land 360 uni spins on my steel frame, I could spin 540 unispins with the same effort on an aluminum Kris Holm frame. Also there is a new Kris Holm uni comming out in the next few days that is updated and from the looks of it it may be stronger than the old one.

In closing I would say that if you can afford it go for the Kris Holm uni, it is an unregretable decision. That said I would call Darren Bedford before you buy it and ask when the new KH unis are comming out and try and get ahold of one of those instead of the older ones.

Thanks for the advice. I’m a member of the Toronto Unicyclists, which Darren is the president of. I see him at every practice so I’ll definately talk to him.

The new KH stuff comes out at the end of the month. The new cranks are cheeper and better. Yeah

I got my 2007 trials frame yesterday. It weighs practically nothing! It’s gonna be sweet when all my other stuff comes.

I got a Bedford frame a while ago and it is great. But last weekend I rode someone elses KH uni and it is a heckuva lot lighter! My uni has basically an Onza crankset, Try-all rim, Bedford frame, GB4, KH fusion gel, and JC pedals. The only thing that could possibly make the KH lighter than mine would be the seat post, seat clamp, tire( if lunas are heavier than CCs) and the frame. So im betting it was the frame.
The Bedford frames are in no way bad, but if you are concerned with weight id spend the extra money. its only 60 dollars more compared to the powdercoated 3" bedford frame.

you’re so lucky i wish i lived that close to bedford. that would be awsome!

yeah i don’t even have to get things shipped, i can just pick them up or get Darren to bring them to practice