Trials descusion+ record thread

so yeah, now that my tailbone is healed and i have knee braces i can ride trials again :smiley: so i though about maing this thread. in this thread you can:
say your long jump(rolling or side) , high jump (rolling or side), stand still (how long), and skinny records (how many cm/m your rode on a skinny, or how skinny it was)…your favorite trials videos…your favorite riders…products reviews…and anything else about trials…
so yeah

ill start i guess

thats been my favorite trials video since i started riding

Long jump (sside hop) about 40cm – hoping for 45/50 by the end of the week.

high jump (SI) about 15 cm ----hoping for 18/20 by end of the week

high jump SIF about 17 cm —hoping for 20 by end of the week

so yeah…oh and i guess you can post your trials uni here if you want too, but theres already threads for that but still…

oh…sorry:p:o my search button wasnt working