Trials crank length

What length cranks for a 20" trials uni??

Depends on the rider. Personally, I have 140’s on my Summit. But I would prefer something shorter (like 125 - 130). I think most trials riders like the longer cranks though.


anything over 127mm sucks.

people who use longer than 127’s do so because that’s the only thing available in their splined setup, which is unfortunate.

  • a generalization, but like most, is accurate.

im happy with 140, when you have shorter cranks, you have to use more leg strength to hold the wheel steady when on an uneven surface. this is really really tiring. the 140s just make it a little easier. the downside is that you gooo soooooo sloooowww.

Whatever size crank you have, you’ll get used to.

there are some factors though when choosing

Longer= more Torque, with longer cranks, you have more torque for seat-out-front hopping, and when landing drops and what not.

Shorter= less Torque, With Shorter cranks, you might have the wheel rotate on you when you don’t want it to. however, you can go faster, and this helps with roll-up hops.

Length, with longer cranks, you hit them on the ground when taking turns, this can be anoying when trying to make corners while gliding/coasting.

Anyways, the 145s hit the ground a bit too much, but lots of torque
the 140s still hit the ground but alot less, a good mix, in my opinios.
127s don’t seem to offer enough torque, however, i haven’t ridden on them enough to make this assumption.
I think for trials 140s, and 145s will be great, and that the ideal length for street would be around 135.

but all in all, whatever size you have, you’ll get used to, and that will seem the right length for yourself.


This thread got me thinking that I really would like to have shorter cranks on my Summit. Are there any cranks that fit on the KH hub in the 120 - 130 range? If there are, where can I get them?


I had 125 cranks on my trials uni for a period of time when I was bending cranks like crazy. I still think they are too short, you can go fast on them, but for trials and street they dont have enough leverage to get a good platform to jump from. I have 145 profiles right now, and I like them for most things, They propbably could be a little shorter and pedal strikes would be less, but for trials specific cranks I think 145’s are fine since your not actually riding much.

Street I agree with ryan and 135’s are probably ideal.

I deffenatlly disagree with Sofa 127’s suck for trials

off the shelf? nothing.
you can get them custom made by dm unicycles though, but i suspect that they only sell whole unicycles. the dm hub is the same spline pattern as the kh.

onza cranks are 125mm. but they dont fit a kh hub.

this man does crank modifications
but i’ve never seen his work.

realy the cheapest way is going to be buying a qu-ax wheelset.

ive been thinking of getting a new uni with the qu-ax hub as a jack of all trades uni.
then i could keep my profile trials uni for “proper trials”
and my sem frestyle uni for “proper freestyle”
and the qu-ax for “actualy riding”

i dont need three unicycles. what i need is standard crank fittings.

KH splined cranks will be available in 130mm in the spring.