trials course again

Just wanted to share some good news. I was going to call around and ask for some of those big spools but before i even woke up my dad had a patient into his office who just so happened to work for our local electric company. He gave me a number to call, it worked out great. I got 7 spools ranging from huge to just ordinary sizing. Lots of old phone poles, super strong skids/pallets, and some 4x4’s to help make the base. I’ll put some pictures up as soon as i can. Thanks for everyones help with finding ideas.


ps. if anyone ever wants to feel free to ad me to there aim list and give me a shout. pinzgauerdriva
I love to muni, trials and many others. Oh and by the way i’m 20 and looking for some cool people to ride with or anyone looking to go to the NAUCC this year.