Trials Building Tips

I gotta good supply wood and I’m getting a new trials unicycle. I’m wondering what kinda things can I build and use. I got some pallets and bridges but I can’t think of anything else to use/make. Suggestions welcome.

David - there’s a section in there about trials obstacles. I’ve been doing a bit of searching for tips for the site from these forums and came across this thread that nobody replied to. By now you’ve probably built some good stuff, I can’t remember whether or not you have) but in case you haven’t check it out.


I might suggest going through the gallery looking for trials obstacles or doing a search in the forums under that.

It’s also Friday before a big weekend. Readership is way down today and will be through the weekend. I might suggest pushing this back up on Tuesday or Wednesday when more people are back in town and “online”.

I am just about to start the same thing. I plan on setting up stairs when stacking the pallets and running a piece of wood between the piles of pallets. Then I will also build up some of those sandwich boards Andrew Carter uses in his videos and tips page as in the link above.

I have the luxury of an old tandem student desk from elementary school that was surplus. You can drill holes in the top to anchor the lumber and raise and lower the legs quite a bit as needed. There are just 4 set screws to adjust. I will integrate that in there too.

Are you serius? Andrew Carter makes awesome trials obsicals and has good instructions on his site. His site is really all you need.

Whoa, resurection. This is a really old thread. Thanks for the bump. Andrew thanks that site is great. If you aren’t open for suggestions don’t read on, if you are you may continue. You should put pictures with your building instructions. I know what they all look like but to a newbie it might be kinda confusing. But other then that, what a great site.


Edit: I just realised you can download the pictures, but I still think you should put them right there on the site.

I’m sure there are loads more excellent trials obstacles that can be built and instructions out there to build them. It’s definately worth looking. Thanks though. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, I was thinking the same thing the other day. Maybe a link to a photo of each put under or beside the links to each of the instructions? I’ll talk to Peter about it.