Trials Best Of

Ive had this on my channel for awhile now but ive been getting some good comments so i thought you would all like to see.Just a compilation of what i think are some of the best trials lines.

yeah I already saw it :roll_eyes:
And I really like the vid, almost all the insane lines are in the vid!
and very good of you, to keep the original music from each clip :slight_smile:

love zack baldwins line really!!! :astonished:

Best bathroom break I ever took :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice compilation.
I almost forgot about Ryan Atkins, shame he doesn’t ride anymore with the big boys

Dorian is amazing.

That was a good watch.

cool compilation

now anybody has to do the same with flat and street :roll_eyes:

Very awesome video!!!
Love the hop of the 11 Pallets :roll_eyes:

thanks for posting. seems like u put a lot of effort in!

Wow nice compilation, some sick lines in there

I cant belive 6.46 ! :astonished:

11 pallets ? that joe hodges drop is 24 pallets lol

oh i see.Yeah that was really nice

Never been a fan of best of.

Cool lines, but didn’t care much of the vid.

What a loser :roll_eyes:
Nah thats why its been so long till ive posted it on the forums.I was just bored one day and made it so i could watch all my favourite lines in one video