Trials and Muni skill levels

I know there are the 10 skill levels of unicycling, but it seems that those are for freestyle only. Are there any levels of trials unicycling or muni? If so, where could I find them?


I’m part of a team working on off-road levels right now. Others are working on trials and other levels. You should see something a little later this summer.

Thanks, let us know when you all get them done.

Will do!

Can you make “trip over a fallen log of a minimum thickness of nine inches and face-plant into the nearest standing tree of at least 2 feet in diameter” a Level 3 skill? I’ve been stuck at Level 2, so this might help me get over the hump… :smiley:

You’re doing great. Level 2 includes “Collide head-on with an 2mm ant, over-recover, gracefully collapse on top of your unicycle, and obtain a 3” bruise through your shinpads." It took me a lot of tries to get that one right.

Great! Here’s my video documentation for the Test… :sunglasses:

Whoa! Sorry about that… Size overload.

Wow, your leg has really gotten big. Is that an actual size photo?

Yup…I’ve been feeling left out—of Erin’s photo collection.