Trialjam Tilburg

We went to this trialjam in Tilburg, so basically it’s just a day of riding but there’s some fun stuff in it. Riders are: Tristan (brownish Tshirt), Dustin (blue Qu-Ax shirt), Patrick (yellow shirt). The video is filmed and edited by Rene van Schijndel.

Notice how unstable the course is…

Yep, and the course was put together by ‘professionals’ who organise that national trial championships and stuff too, I nearly broke my arm on a line the video doesn’t show. It was still a pretty cool day though, some of the stuff look a lot smaller than they were, there were some awesome 2+ meter gaps in there. The one down the 6 pallets to the platform are 2.20

great!!! congratulations guy!!:wink: :wink: :slight_smile:

great vid…

really dangerous cousre huh?

hey dustin! what about the qu-ax video you were making?

I sent a video and would like to see it if you have finished.


i like the pallet held on by backo, thats cool, great riding, sick course! well done:)

Good vid:):D:)
those upright barrells I think should have been straped down to something, but the ones on their sides :thinking: - could be used as adding to the challenge.

When riding the skinny 3:15-3:20, was the stack of pallats supposed to fall down? If intentional very interesting and hard line, if not then horrible design.

haha, the course would have rocked if it was all intentional, to answer your question: it wasnt. A lot of the lines arn’t on tape, we forgot to film most of the day then at the end we went ‘oh crap, we still have to film some stuff’ so did some lines on tape, I didn’t film any of it myself because my camera was still broken (it was fixed today!). that’s also the reason the qu-ax video hasn’t been released yet, i am hoping to film some stuff soon so we can go on with the project, also, we have a new qu-ax teammember who hasn’t even been informed about our project yet. there is some delay, I will announce when the video will be released when I know. I need to learn to hop SIF haha


Finally a movie again!!
Well done Tristan and of course (my little) Dustin.
Pitty that I couldn’t come…
This course looks double the fun we had last year, great progression.
Lucky Dustin: You really just escaped from a major injury when those ‘logs’ began to tumble. Could the builders of the parcours that have done on purpose?( now that the dutch uniscene is expanding massively)!!
cya Rob