trial uni's

ok i’m getting into trial uni’s here’s the cheapest uni on unicycle.com0

you want something with a splined hub so it won’t break.

splined hub?

do a search on splined hub
you will see what I am talking about, that is a cotterless, or square taper hub. You will bend that hub doing trials.

ok well 2 things…i’m not verry heavy,two:i’m not going to be jumping off to high of things…

I have the Nimbus Trials, I have loved it. It isn’t extremely heavy, but it is the uni I learned everything I know on. I have it with a rounded crown, but they one you posted is good too. I don’t have a splined hub, but I have landed some 3.5 feet drops, so if you don’t weigh that much you will be fine until you start doing some hardcore trials. Splined hubs are nice, but the nimbus trials isn’t that bad, and its cheap compared to splined unicycles. I would say get that until it breaks (which should be a while) then after that you may get a splined, but first get the nimbus.

ok thats cool…i see they have a warning about weight…lol…

hey how about this one???

its still not splined.

um. get a torker dx 20" off ebay.

they are like $200

"CrMo ISIS Splined hub "then what’s that???

the torker dx that i’m looking at on ebay has a cotterless hub.not splined!

its better than the nimbus trials, it is a splined hub, but its not a reinforced splined hub.

so basically its nice because its abit stronger but u’ll probably break it quite easily anwyays.

The hub and the cranks are basically made of weaker metal.

give us a link ot the DX on ebay - they probably named it wrong.

ummm…ok here is is…the torker dx

it dosen’t say if it’s cotterless or not i don’t think.

the red one is a dx its probably good for what you want to do. Probably over half the people on here have one.

Their description is not accurate, they say it has aluminum cranks and a cotterless hub. Technically splined hubs are cotterless, as they aren’t cottered but square taper is generally what is referred to as cotterless.

The qu-ax unicycle that you linked to is splined but its not a super strong hub.

see if you can get the DX from ebay for a little longer, but speedgoat bikes(google it) has it for $250 shipped.

what are you talking about?i just went to that website and found nothing.


wrong link, the one zfreak gave you is the one I was thinking about, i don’t know about free shipping though.

speedgoatbicycles is the site w/ a KH for 475.

so this is the onethat i need.???