trial tire vs. freestyle tire

I’m buying the torker dx but I’m not sure wether to buy it with the tire or not. I don’t ride on anything but concrete or asphalt. I have a real slick freestyle tire right now that helps me turn better but will the creepy crawler help me with trial. And also my freestyle tire is a 20" will it fit the 19".

Yes, if you are going to start doing trials than you would be better off to keep the tire they sell you with the unicycle on. I am not sure about the tire size but I dont think a 20" tire will fit a 19" rim.

The freestyle tire will not fit the 19" trials rim.

+1, you have no choice

You could try and get something like this:

=O What is that tire?

It’s the Try-All tyre with the knobs cut/shaved off. It’s becoming increasingly popular but the only way to get one is to do it yourself.

Well thats what im getting at, you can’t buy tyres like that :frowning:

Its a try-all tyre shaved down, street riders do it for a smoother ride whilst keeping the high volume & bounce… i dunno how u shave em you’ll have to ask someone else!!

Just ride your CC for about a year, it will go bald like that naturally. =p


Sharp knife should cut softer ones off (stanley knife) but my mate used a hack saw for the same job on a MTB, a coping saw should do the trick as well… (heat it up first a little it will be easier to cut)

razor, then sander

Hah! You flimsy 19" trialsists! I’ve got a Hookworm tyre on my 24" and it’s the best tyre I’ve ever had! Excellent control and grip. It’s got some bounce too, but I don’t use it. I’ve done drops up to 1.2m with it with absolutely no problems. And it looks cool.

I don’t think there’s a 19" version.