trial/street from norway

we went to have a trials ride in nodeland, kristiansand. we hit some street spots too! look.-

hope you like it

Wish I had a big warehouse to practice stuff in like that, this constant shitty weather here is really bugging me.
Some cool stuff there nice one

its like 20 minutes away from us in car, so i`ve only been there 2 times… but its a cool place!

Thats awesome, I must agree that I’m rather jealous of that indoor trials course. The weather here can’t seem to decide whether it wants to be winter, spring, or fall, so now we are stuck with water on all the roads, ice on all the grass, and a mixture of the two everywhere else.

Great video though. Did you by any chance make a video last year that had the sponge bob theme in it?

very nice video. I was thinking about using that song to a video but now I’ll just get a different one from blue scholars;)

what do you mean?

awesome video man. you guys are really good.


Nice riding!
Are you the same Kristian that made the norwgian freestyle and street movies? Or is there two Kris/Kristians from norway?

Sweet vid you guys!!! i loved seeing the nice Koxx unis in there lol.

There’s two Kristians, Kristian Andås and Kristian Lee.

i think im the one your talking about… im kristian lee… people call me lee…the other kristian, goes under his last name, Andås, (andaas), but he rides trial…
im the street guy, with the koxx;)

Nice vid, you guys are pretty good. Can I ask what font you used for the text in the video? Thanks

i can ask Andaas, he did the editing…

Link doesn’t work for me:(

Nice video. What is that song?

Different computer, now it works.:slight_smile:

Nice vid
great riding
terrific trials coarse :sunglasses: