Trial/street/flatland/MUni competitions in Montreal, Canada

Got friday booked off work. Going down to Montreal early on friday to pick up a few things, then I’m ready to rock!

What is a HORSE game?

I think it’s a game that the first rider does a trick, the other one has to do it, if he dont land it, he has an H. when you miss 5 trick, you got all the letters of HORSE, and that means you lost. It’s like OUT but with a longer word, like we could play XVNCXMFGKFDGVVXFYID but it would be hard to memorize what is the word:p

Wow I just checked out the schedule and everything is super perfect for me! I arrive into montreal early afternoon, I can do some shopping and check out Montreal for a bit, then I’m riding in the evening. Then on the way back I have to be out of the hostel by 11 and I can store my stuff in the lockers at Berri-Uquam!

I’m going to arrive in Montreal around noon, I can lunch and do anything for 2 hours and then I’m gonna go ride. after that I eat supper and I go to Mont Royal:D When will it finish on saturday?

Just saw this thread. Sorry I can’t do it this year, but will try to make it next year, especially if you add more Muni!

Will pre-registration be necessary? Or can we just show up, pay the fee and ride? I’m still working out how to get to Montreal on short notice and we don’t have a place to stay yet so I’m checking out B&Bs in the downtown area.

You can get there and pay, but if you are younger than 18 years old someone have to sign something. You can do that saturday, that’s what I’ll do. If you want a place to stay there’s an hotel right in front of the olympique statium, here’s the phone number and the adresse, plus now they have a spetial for the summer but you have to ask them for it or they will not tell you:p
Auberge Universel de Montréal
5000, Sherbrooke Est, Montréal
Reservation: 1-800-567-0223

Dang. I just read your message after I booked a room elsewhere.
Thanks for the info, though.
I hope to see all you guys this weekend!

Yay! I’ll be there, it’s gonna be really awsome :smiley: :smiley: I think I just have to practice trials a bit before. I can bring my BC wheel if someone want to try for fun?

I just got to Montreal a few hours ago.

Is the Meeting time 1900h at mont royal station tomorrow?
My internet access is sparse while I’m here, but I can check in again tomorrow, so if anyone has any more info, I’d be glad to hear it.
I can’t wait to ride!

Finally I can post this moring too, So, today at 2 PM there’s a ride at the olympique stadium, but it’s written on the french site, I’ll copy it here and I’ll try to write it in english. (I’ll made a fast resume of what happens)
2:00PM - Ride, Olympique stadium (Meeting at metro pie IX)
7:00PM - Informative meeting on the proposed incorporation of Monotréal time a non-profit organization.
7:30PM - Ride, Mount Royal Lookout-game of HORSE (flatland). For the ones who dont know how to get there, Meeting at metro of Mount-Royal (outside) at 6:15PM/6:30PM.

9:00AM-10:00AM - Inscriptions and little time to ride in the TAZ
10:00AM-11:30AM- Trials competition
12:00PM-12:45PM - Street Competition
12:45PM-1:00PM - Trials and street winners!
Saturday, outside of the TAZ:
some small friendly competition: Speed trial, high jump, long jump, Mini Muni race.
11:00AM - Ride Downtown Montreal! We want to invade the road of montreal with unicycles! Meeting at the metro Berri-UQUAM.

It’s all, See you today!:smiley: You can see it in french if you want

that’s great!

The 2 first days were awsome! but saddly I can’t be there tommorow:( Will the results(all the results) will be posted here as well as I more often here than on Anyway, I think émile will make a video, I hope it’s gonna be cool. Next year more unicyclist should come, it really worthed to drive the 200km between Gatineau and Montreal. All was awsome!
Thanks for eveyone that organized that and, Bedford unicycles.
I hope I’ll come back again in Montreal This summer!

700th post.

1-Hugo Duguay (18/20pts)
2-Mikael Hébert (17/20pts)
3-Émile Mathieu-Bégin (15/20pts)

1-Émile Mathieu-Bégin (19 lignes)
1-Marty (19 lignes)
1-Hugo Duguay (19 lignes)

Avec un tie break up unnoficiel j’ai fini premier, marty 2eme et hugo 3.

High Jump:
-Émile Mathieu-Bégin (83cm)
-Hugo Duguay (80cm)
-Marty (78cm)

Long jump:
-Hugo Duguay (240cm)
-Émile Mathieu-Bégin (230cm)
-Jacob (220cm)

-Émile Mathieu-Bégin (H
-Mikael Hébert (H-O-R-S-E)
-Plein de gens

Stolen from Emile.

There was also an intermediate/beginner trials category which was really just a wildcard trials category.

There was a three way tie for first place in Intermediate between myself, Alex, and Ian.

Final prize and podium decision was made based on rock paper scissors death match between myself and Alex as Ian had already taken off. So the podium results were.


Congrats to everyone, especially Julien and Benoit. I had an awesome time, and everything was really really well done.

I understood the French:)…my 6 years of French education have finally paid off…I’m so proud!:smiley:

What a great event. I wish I could have stayed for the whole thing.
Everything was awesome, the weather, the locations, and the people. It was definitely worth the 15 hour drive to get there.
Montreal really has some highly skilled riders.
I hope to drag some more NS riders out to the next Monotreal event.
Keep up the fantastic work, guys.


Thanks to all of you who organised it, I had a lot of fun and it was great riding with you guys !! :smiley: