Trial/street/flatland/MUni competitions in Montreal, Canada

Hello everybody,

On the 7,8,9 august 2009, Monotreal, the community of unicyclists in Quebec, is organizing his first official event. During those three days, there will competitions of trial, street, flatland(game of HORSE) and little MUni race.

Here is what it will look like(more info to come)

Friday evening:

  • Ride on the top of Mont Royal including a game of HORSE(flatland). It’s the perfect place for this type of competition and you see the beautiful view of downtown montreal.

Saturday morning(in an indoor skatepark):

  • Trial competition
  • Street competition

Saturday afternoon:

  • Competitions: Speed trial, High jump, long jump, MUni race


  • Ride in downtown montreal at the best spots for trial and street. We want to make an invasion of unicyclist in the street of Montreal.

Cost: Around 20-30 $

Where: The competitions on Saturday will be held at the TAZ(a huge indoor skatepark) Picture to come. As for Friday and Sunday, we will have a meeting point at a metro station.

If you can read french, here is the official thread:

Picture of the indoor skatepark and more informations to come.

Hope to see you in August.


Sweet Julien, I’ll be there.

Bring all your folks from Ottawa. We need people!

im so gonna be there.

I wish I could go but i’m traveling back from Nova Scotia and will only be able to reach Montreal by noon on sunday at the earliest.

I want to go there! But I’m leaving for Cedar Point(Ohio) on the 9:( I hope it’s gonna be fun for all of you.

I would love to come for Saturday and Sunday. I’ll have to ask my parents :slight_smile:


Can you(everyone there) make a video or take some pictures. It would be cool to see how cool it’s gonna be.:slight_smile:

If you can’t ask them if you can come in Ottawa then, we could have a 2 person, maybe three, Trials/street/flatland competition…:slight_smile:

Hey everybody !

I have more informations for you.

Here is the schedule for the 3 days.

19h00: Ride at the lookout(on the top) of Mount Royal. For the persons that don’t know how to get to it, we will probably have a meeting point at the Mont-Royal subway station between 18h-18h30(PM me for more info)
During this ride, there will also be a HORSE game competition(flatland tricks)

Saturday morning(indoor skatepark):
9h-10h: Opening of the skatepark and inscription for the competitions
10h-11h30: Trial competition
12h-12h45: Street competition(1 run of 1 minute + last trick with 3 tries)

Beginning at 13h30: Competitions of Speed trial, high jump, long jump, and a little MUni race

11h: Downtown ride(meeting point at the Berri-Uquam subway station)

Here is the poster of the event:

Just ask for more informations

Thanks you

YAY! I’ll be there for friday and saturday! I would enter in the street comp but I can only do 180 unispins and crankflips:( anyway, I’ll be “trial-ing” :D:D:D:D

Hello guys,

I just wanna add the fact that there will be prizes and gifts certificates for all the competitors.

Thanks to our sponsors:
Pete from
Darren Bedford:

Less than two weeks!


For saturday morning is it going to cost anything to enter the skatepark and observe the competition. I will not participate only watch.

6 DAYS FROM NOW!!!:smiley: I’m so happy:) And now there a ride at 2PM on friday at the Olympique Stadium.

you have to pay only if you use the trials and street setups. If you just come to watch you dont have to pay.

I highly suggest you to compete because there will be trial lines for all levels of riders and also, it is so much fun ! If you want to become better, you will eventually need to ride so come and try !

I’ll be there :sunglasses: If only I could stay for sunday too, but I can’t because I’m leaving for Cedar Point(ohio)!!

That sounds great, Julien!
I haven’t been on the forums lately so I just found out about this event this morning. I’ll have to see if I can pull some strings and find a way to Montreal from Nova Scotia for this.

We need more event like this in Canada:) Is there a place where I can see pictures of the TAZ? for both trials and street area?

600th post!

+1 !!

Im gonna be so rusty for this, I havnt unicycled in almost three weeks :angry:

Only 4 days left!!! I’m ready to ride now! Exept that my both legs hurts because of DH riding:(

at least you can ride, i still have to find myself an ankle brace before i can do some serious riding again :stuck_out_tongue: !