[Trial] Sightseeing in Akko

Last September i went to israel to attend the second israeli unicycle convention. After the convention i went to Akko to film some trials unicycling. Have fun watching!

Great riding, Great filming.

Thanks for sharing.

i follow my promise from the youtube page and translate the song-

about freedom of creativity in national era- by Salman Masalha.

Since i’m no state, no safe borders or army guarding day and night on the lives of his soldiers.

And there’s no colorful line that a dusty General made under the eadges of his Victories.

Since I’m no council- a questionable parliment, called ‘a Selected residence’ by mistake.

Because I am not from the chosen people, and I do not honored to be an Arab- no one will say to me that I’m an anarcist with no father that spits in the well that the folk are gethered to in holydays.

[part of the song not included in your vid-]
-I allow sometimes to myself, being a person, a little freedom.

Thanks for translating. I got the song from a israeli friend who translated it via google for me but your translation is easyer to understand.

Akko is a really nice city, i wish we had more time there to find more lines. I also filmed some muni riding in the negev desert during my trip to israel but havent finished editing it and i still need a song.

i’ll just throw something

I didnt knew that there is a hebrew version off this song :). Thanks for sharing i will try if it fits the unicycling.